About Contactzilla

Many years ago in the Simpleweb office, Tom and Mark (the founders of Simpleweb and Contactzilla), had a crazy idea for a password storage system for companies. This “password” system evolved into “simple web management” a framework that allowed Simpleweb to quickly create applications that managed various parts of their business and web presence.

Simpleweb then won an amazing pitch to build a stakeholder management tool for one of the largest government agencies. 65,000 stakeholders managed by 2,000 staff, it needed to be super secure, easy to use and stable. We used the framework of “Simple web management” or SWiM as we affectionately called it to develop and build the stakeholder management tool. It worked well, happy client, happy people.

At this time the idea for Contactzilla was born. A full social CRM system for small businesses tightly integrated with social networks and cheap enough for any business to use. In fact we made it free. We’ve been featured in Techcrunch, Read Write Web, Spanish and Brazilian news outlets, we’ve accumulated thousands of users and nearly a million contacts in the system so far. Amazing stuff.

Contactzilla has evolved again since then. We’ve realised that the main problem businesses actually have isn’t CRM, to be honest there’s some amazing specialist online CRM tools out there, we don’t want to compete (have you seen PipeDrive?). The problem we’ve identified is a simple one. Keep things simple (stupid!). We basically want the most amazing online address book ever, but for businesses, that is easy to use and with a few of those features that we see in those complex CRM packages. No complexity and accessible to all level of users.

Contactzilla has an exciting future and Tom and Mark (and the rest of the team) are fully committed to making Contactzilla the number one shared address application.