A veritable wonderland of improvements

CZ v2.0 has only been out 3 weeks and already we’ve got a veritable wonderland of improvements.

  1. We’ve renamed “Spaces” to “Address Books” – ok, ok, we know. We should’ve done this to start with.
  2. We’ve really sped up the scrolling in the contact list. A lot.
  3. The contact list has two views. Compact and expanded. Now CZ remembers your selection. This has been the most asked for feature. We listened.
  4. Labels have been switched around. You now manage and apply from the left and filter from above the contacts.
  5. Keyboard shortcuts for multi selecting contacts – woohoo
  6. Navigation is now above the contact list as tabs. Much easier.
  7. The “Address Book” navigator now shows your current Address Book.
  8. Lots of other minor improvements.

Hopefully this demonstrates our commitment to improving ContactZilla to make it the best and easiest way to mange your contacts with your team.

This is just the beginning, Tom and the team have some awesome benefits for you lined up. I can’t tell you just yet… They will blow your mind.